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1 Oral sex techniques for men cunnilingus

This section is for men How to make oral sex great for your wife!

Guys eating your wife’s pussy is about the most wonderful thing you can do for her. It makes her feel special.  She feels loved, admired, sexy, and of course it makes her cum like crazy. Studies show that some women prefer it to intercourse, and for most it is the easiest way to orgasm with a man.

So – let me give you a few tips? If you’re like me and you’d like to have her squirming under your tongue pulling your head into her snatch and moaning or even screaming with pleasure as she cums? Then read on.

Oral sex is very stimulating for a woman because you can reach the most sensitive areas of her vulva and clitoris, something that is not always possible with regular intercourse. And just for starters It’s good to become more familiar with your woman’s anatomy before you start our love together, so either gently explore her vulva with her, or if she is too shy for that open act then, gently explore it yourself as you give her oral sex.

Here’s how to make oral sex on a woman a great experience not just for her, but for both of you. Here’s some things to consider;

All pussy’s have different tastes and smells

I really like the natural taste and scent of my wife’s vagina. In fact, it’s often very sexually arousing for me and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Women, though, apparently do not always feel the same way. Some women believe it’s too dirty and are not so keen on her man putting his head down there and licking her vulva! One way to overcome this fear is to discuss it – to bring it out into the open and find out what would be acceptable to your lover for life. For example, would taking a bath and washing her vulva before lovemaking be reassuring enough about her cleanliness for her to relax and enjoy oral sex?

Another way to encourage her to enjoy this kind of lovemaking is to move gently towards oral sex as she becomes more aroused. For example, slowly working your way towards her vulva during foreplay with teasing little circular touches that move gradually higher and higher up her inner thighs can be a great way of getting her aroused. Believe me guys ladies like the tease. If you do the same thing with your mouth, kissing and licking her thighs as she becomes more aroused, you may find that she will accept your mouth on her vulva without much protest. And oral sex can be a very liberating thing – once a woman has experienced it, she’s likely to want it again in the future more and more.

A woman’s normal personal hygiene means that a woman washes her vagina to keep it from smelling, just as a man washes under his foreskin to keep that area clean for her. But she may also need to hear from her man that he really enjoys her vagina’s natural taste and scent, and that he finds it far from unpleasant, he actually likes it!  I love the smell and taste of my wife’s pussy and wish she would let me lick it more.

And of course, since a woman’s anus is near her vulva, it is always a good idea to give that area an extra wash before oral sex!

Of course, It’s best if you are open to the experience

You may be saying but what if you don’t like the natural taste and smell of your wife’s pussy? Well, maybe you can get over it and at least act as if you enjoy it, because oral sex will certainly give your woman a lot of pleasure. And you’ll almost certainly find that as she begins to find it more arousing and exciting, the sexier you’ll find it, and the more turned on you’ll get by doing it for her. At some point, even just the idea of oral sex, not to mention the thought of her scent and taste, will probably become really exciting to you. There is a point during oral sex when the taste of a woman’s vaginal juices changes – a sign of her increasing arousal and excitement – and at this point you may find yourself really getting into it with full concentration and focus, because the experience becomes one which is as exciting for you as it is for her.

Sometimes it may take so time

How far are you prepared to go to give you wife pleasure? With oral sex, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in an awkward or tiring position, licking furiously with a tired tongue as she shouts “Oh God, don’t stop! I’m cumming, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” You might have to be ready to put up with the discomfort of a stiff neck or worn out tongue, while at the same time making sure you aren’t so uncomfortable that the experience loses its pleasure for you.  If you’re tongue happens to get worn out many times if you just apply pressure with it to the clit it will be pleasureful for her to give you a rest.

Do it graciously and willingly

If you are unhappy about giving her oral sex, for whatever reason, she will sense your discomfort and perhaps start worrying about whether or not you’re enjoying it. If she does, it’s unlikely she’s going to cum.

By the way, it’s worth remembering that a woman who has had an orgasm from oral sex combined with a finger stimulating the inside of her vagina will be much more receptive to intercourse and much more likely to have an orgasm from vaginal thrusting. So, if you give her oral sex as a prelude to vaginal intercourse, you may well end up increasing your own pleasure. You’ll certainly increase hers, anyway!  Continued next time